Friday, May 23, 2008

Some Kid on KXLU Just Made My Day

omg! i pushed the button in the car for KXLU and this kid james was back-announcing and he said he played Curtis Brunk with "Speed Heals."

WHA??? i thought to myself and called the station as he ended the air break.

…when i was in high school i hoped to combine my mother's dream of me getting a scholarship to college with my dream of starting an indie label with a plan of releasing a comp and then writing about it for my college application essay. plus it would give me an excuse to write to my favorite bands and see if they'd be on the comp. i was really into writing letters to strangers at the time…

i will fill in more of this story later, but let's just say my efforts at starting a label resulted in my orchestrating the "mass production" of Curtis Brunk 7"s in 1995 before my mother forbade me from continuing the pursuit for fear of being sued on account of the samples on it. I think I had 300 made, the minimum at the pressing place in Nashville, 25 of which had handprinted covers by Slater Bradley, one of which ended up hand delivered to KXLU and probably got played a total of 10 times, including the times i played it on my own shows there, some of which ended up at No Life Records on Santa Monica Blvd. with a homemade display that read "check me out", and most of which ended up being thrown in the garbage by me when my mom moved in 1998...

i asked the KXLU dj if the song had been a request and the kid said he'd bought it at amoeba for 50 cents recently and liked it and brought it to the station to play. awesomeness! this is what's so rad about KXLU. and record collecting.